Press release 2016-09-29

Smart tillage at Borgeby Fältdagar 2017

The theme for next year’s Borgeby Fältdagar will centre on soil tillage and crop establishment based specifically on the conditions on each individual farm, an approach we call smart tillage.

Preparations for the next show are already well underway with the establishment of different intercrops, including oil oilseed radish, phacelia and buckwheat (picture to left). Concepts for establishment of spring crops within these intercrops, directly or with prior tillage, will be demonstrated at the show.

New demonstration areas will provide excellent conditions for demonstrating the latest technology and examining questions such as what smart tillage involves for individual farmers depending on conditions on the farm. We will also be looking at the pre-crop effect of different intercrops and how different spring drilling techniques function in these. There have been far-reaching developments in drilling technology and tillage strategies in recent years, with the GPS technology in particular opening the way for new strategies.

”What is the optimal tillage approach for my soil, based on conditions on my farm? and What effects can I expect on yield, weed pressure, working hours and, not least, profits? These are some of the questions into which we hope to delve more deeply at next year’s show”, said Erik Olsson, HIR Skåne, who is responsible for the theme for Borgeby Fältdagar 2017. The intention is also to encourage farmers to have a re-think, and perhaps make some changes, instead of continuing to work as usual.

Marcus Willert, a crop production advisor at HIR Skåne, is highly enthusiastic about the benefits of site-specific tillage, optimised for conditions on the individual farm:

”Tillage can make a difference already in the first year, but also in the longer term for both soil biology and farm finances. The theme at Borgeby Fältdagar 2017 will be a unique opportunity for our visitors to gain new inspiration and knowledge on soil, technology and biology”.

More information and programme features relating to the theme will soon be available. We have many great ideas and planning continues.

For more information, contact
Erik Olsson, HIR Skåne, tel. 010-476 22 12,


Facts about Borgeby Fältdagar in Sweden, 28-29 June, 2017.
Agricultural fair in field. Borgeby Fältdagar started in 1999 and today it’s the natural meeting point for the professional farmer. Main organiser is HIR Skåne. We thank our co-organisers Hushållningssällskapet Skåne, Lantmännen, LRF Media, Sparbanken Skåne, Väderstad and Yara.