Press release 2016-12-06

Borgeby Fältdagar goes organic

Interest in organic farming is growing. This is particularly the case in Skåne, where progress on the organic front was previously rather slow. Borgeby Fältdagar has therefore decided to focus even more on organic farming at next year’s agricultural show in the field.

Interest in organic farming was already high at last year’s show, as found by Per Modig when talking to visitors.

There have been organic demonstration crops at Borgeby Fältdagar is previous years.

“Next year we are expanding the field and will have a total of five organic crop demonstrations” said Kerstin Andersson, organic farming advisor at HIR Skåne.

These demonstration crops will show the effect of organic fertiliser on cereals with different pre-crops, fast-growing grassland mixes, legumes for food, weed control in cereals with different row spacings and intercrops.

“We will also be inviting exhibitors with links to organic production to take stands near the organic crops” said Per Modig, another organic farming advisor at HIR Skåne. “There will be machinery of interest to organic growers on display, so we will have a real organic core at the show in 2017”.

Planning for next year’s field show is well underway. Welcome on 28-29 June 2017!

For more information, contact
Kerstin Andersson, HIR Skåne, tel. +46 (0)10-476 22 72,

Per Modig, HIR Skåne, tel. +46 (0)10-476 22 86,


Facts about Borgeby Fältdagar in Sweden, 28-29 June, 2017.
Agricultural fair in field. Borgeby Fältdagar started in 1999 and today it’s the natural meeting point for the professional farmer. Main organiser is HIR Skåne. We thank our co-organisers Hushållningssällskapet Skåne, Lantmännen, LRF Media, Sparbanken Skåne, Väderstad and Yara.