Food outlets 2017


Restaurant “Matsmedjan” is located in the new dining area "Stora serveringstältet" by the exhibitors entrance. Open between 11am to 5pm on both exhibition days. One dish costs 110 SEK, water is included. Payment both with credit card and cash is possible. You can choose between three different dishes, they are all served with fried new potatoes:

1. Pulled beef, served with honey and mustard topping
2. Salmon fried with soysauce, served with herb-yoghurt on the side
3. Vegetarian alternative: Fried tomato polenta, served with chilicréme on the side

Matsmedjan also offer street food, Swedish "fika" and catering to your stand.

Order catering, buy lunchcupons and reserve seating at

NOTE! Lunch at Matsmedjan on "moving in days" 26-27th can only be served with pre-bought lunchcupons!


The Bar - with Kornheddinge Bryggerikompani

In "Stora serveringstältet" (main restaurant marquee). A bar will serve locally brewed craft beer! Great beer - low in alcohol. The bartenders and brewers behind the bar grow their own hops and will serve a new southern swedish treat - Skånsk Pale Ale called "Gårds öl" (Farm beer).

Don't miss out! for pre-sale of 10 tickets or more

Ahlgrens mobile food stands

Hamburgers and hot dogs. Open from lunchtime on Monday 26 June and throughout the entire fair. Located at several sites within the show area. 

Peggys Café

Cafeteria with coffee, sandwiches, cakes and biscuits. Open throughout the fair and located in the right wing of the Main Marquee.