Food outlets 2019

Foodcourt "Grytan"

New for this year is that we can offer a foodcourt serving more variatyed food like 

  • Farm Street - Smashed Pork Belly Sandwich 
  • Farm Burgers - Swedish 200 gr burgers in Briochebread
  • Hot Dan´s dogs - large hotdogs that are topped whit tree diffrent varaitys
  • Dos Hermanos –two kind of tacos

NOTE! Lunch at Matsmedjan on "moving in days" 26-27th can only be served with pre-bought lunchcupons!


Buy your food tickets here for the food court, you can also pay cach or card on each food site


BBQ  – for lunchmettings. Slow-food for booked reservation betwen kl. 11.30 and kl. 13 . 


To book BBQ

Exhibitor resturang(NY!)

Barbecue buffet and not have to queue? Then you should buy a ticket for our newly opened pre-dinner restaurant! Here is served a well-stocked barbecue buffet with delicious accessories in a quick and easy way. Sit in a lovely mix of colleagues, guests and exhibitors with food that is ready for serving. Mineral water and light beer are included in the buffet ticket!

NOTE! to this restaurang you can only buy pre order tickets, no cash payment at sight.

 Klick here to buy ticket:


stand Catering

Delivered no later than 10.00 to your booth and you eat when you feel like it. The food is delivered in styrofoam box including mineral water, cutlery and napkins.

Assembly catering is ordered via by 14/6 2019


Food in the field

Peggy´s Café - coffee in the large tent courtyard

Ahlgren's rolling kiosks serve good barbecue and the day's in the area, just as usual.

The wild kebab, Green Fries (NY!), Casseroll (NY!) And Crepes ala Cart (NY!) Are in the field and the popular Bean burghers at Gaston and Vega are still served outside at the eco area.

Drink - if you want something extra!

Kornheddinge brewery company (KBK) continues to show off with its well-stocked bar in nowadays Grytan. Here, self-bred Swedish beer is served on self-made hops and other well-chosen drinks from Swedish distributors. ORDER TICKETS HERE


About the food at Borgeby Field Days

In the exhibition area, the food suppliers only serve meat that is Swedish, good and sustainable. We at Borgeby Field Days stand up for Swedish food production and therefore make demands on our restaurateurs that all meat products served at the fair are Swedish and we attach great importance to our suppliers using as much as possible Swedish raw materials in addition to the meat.




Have a nice meal!